Cold virus fact sheet

Cold sheet

Cold virus fact sheet

What is Influenza ( Flu)? Rhinovirus spreads when an infected person coughs sneezes sending respiratory droplets into the air. Treating a cold:. The droplets can also land on objects that people touch such as toys countertops. Cold viruses are spread through small liquid drops: When someone with a cold sneezes sheet a huge number of tiny virus- containing sheet drops are sprayed into the air, coughs, they can come to rest on objects like doorknobs, computer keyboards , sheet railings on the subway. Adults usually have three to four colds each year. Other people can breathe them in which spreads infection.

There are more than 200 different viruses that can cause a cold. Adenovirus Fact Sheet. - RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis ( inflammation of the small airways in the lung) pneumonia ( lung infection) among infants children under one year of age. These droplets contain the virus. adenovirus infection range from the common cold syndrome. Other ways to treat flu symptoms in older adults include: fact Get lots of rest.

A cold is caused by a virus that affects the nose throat upper airways. The only way to ensure that you never catch a cold virus, sheet says Dr. What are the symptoms of oral herpes? What is respiratory syncytial virus ( RSV)? The virus can also spread when someone touches an object with the virus sheet on it. Influenza Disease Fact Sheet. Rhinovirus Rhinovirus fact Facts Rhinovirus is a virus that can cause the “ common cold” What are the symptoms of rhinovirus? Both colds flu are caused by a virus .

The flu ( influenza) is caused by more severe viruses. sheet Microsoft Word - Influenza virus PCR Fact Sheet. Surprising truths about the common cold. Cold virus fact sheet. Children usually have more, as their immune systems are not as strong. Fact Sheet: Cold, Flu.

Rhinovirus and the Common Cold Fact Sheet There over 62 million annual sheet occurrences of the sheet common cold along with 20 million school days lost annually in the United fact States according to the National Center for Health Statistics. About colds and fl u. the virus into the host cell and the entry of the virus genome to fact the nucleus. The virus can infect the mouth area ( oral herpes) or genital area sheet ( genital herpes). Department of Veterans Affairs Author Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Health Administration, Office of Public Health \ ( 13B\ ) Infection Don' t Pass It On campaign.

sheet Symptoms may include: o Runny nose o Stuffy nose o Headache fact o Cough sheet o Sneezing o Sore throat o Watery eyes sheet o Tiredness. The symptoms of the flu the common fact cold can be very similar but, unlike a case of the common cold the fact flu can lead to serious health problems like pneumonia. Respiratory Syncytial Virus ( National Institute of Allergy and Infectious. The Difference Between Cold and Flu;. Drink plenty of liquids. International Updates - Avian Influenza published fact by the World Health Organization ( WHO).

kept sheet cold during transit. Cold virus fact sheet. Use this chart to help determine if you have a cold or the flu. While a cold can make you feel miserable, most cases will clear up in a week. Specimens other than urines can be fact held at 4° C for 72 hours before testing.

, a cold fact specialist at. Children usually have more colds than fact adults especially if they are in regular contact with other children ( childcare school). Ask the doctor pharmacist before you take a new over- the- counter cold flu medicine. HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS FACT SHEET What is herpes? Herpes is caused by either herpes simplex virus type sheet 1 ( HSV- 1) or type 2 ( HSV- 2). Common cold symptoms usually begin 2 3 days after infection last 2 to 14 fact days. Respiratory Syncytial Virus Fact Sheet 1. Oral herpes is fact common in children sheet , once infected they will always carry the virus. Even with your family be considerate and try to avoid spreading the virus. Jack Gwaltney, Jr. Flu Flu fact 14 Flu vs Cold Poster U. If that person then uses their. a fact person might get flu by touching a surface object that has flu virus on it then.

Virus sheet

In general, the flu is worse than the common cold, and symptoms are more common and intense. Colds are usually milder than the flu. People with colds are more likely to have a runny or stuffy nose. Colds generally do not result in serious health problems, such as. Is It a Cold or the Flu? Cold Symptoms Flu Fever Headache General aches, pains Fatigue, weakness Extreme exhaustion Stuffy nose Sneezing Sore throat Chest discomfort, cough Complications Prevention Treatment Rare.

cold virus fact sheet

Cold or Flu fact sheet. qxp Author: tkmiller Created Date:. It' s Your Health - Avian Influenza is a short, easy- to- read fact sheet.